Friday, October 31, 2008

what mma is about and my thoughts

I know that in Mixed Martial Arts you can get injured very badly. I also know that you can get broken bones and other things too. I know that you have a lot of movement options, it's not like boxing. I know that you get judged by what kind of skills you bring to the table. I also know that fighting can be very dangerous. I know different fighting techniques like locks and choke holds.

I am interested in learning about competition. I plan on researching safety issues because I want to know how to stay safe in the ring. In competition, they don't only judge on moves they judge you on how you follow the rules. So, I also want to learn all the rules of MMA during the competition. I also plan on researching the techniques of MMA and also the maneuvers so I know what I'm doing in the ring.

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