Friday, October 31, 2008

maoli culture

My project is related to the Hawaiian culture because back then they used to do Lua or Hawaiian martial arts. They also used to do training for battle which included physical skills and mental strategies. Today, there are many similarities between Lua and jiu jitsu. For example jiu jitsu and Lua you have to have good strategies and also need good skills. It's the same because both people are thinking of different ways to take out there opponent. I think this project will benefit me because now when I do step in the ring I know what to look forward to. I think my project benefits the people that like to do MMA or other combat sports. I have to find out if this thing can help the world because I don't know. I also think it's going to benefit me because I could do tthat as a career.

what mma is about and my thoughts

I know that in Mixed Martial Arts you can get injured very badly. I also know that you can get broken bones and other things too. I know that you have a lot of movement options, it's not like boxing. I know that you get judged by what kind of skills you bring to the table. I also know that fighting can be very dangerous. I know different fighting techniques like locks and choke holds.

I am interested in learning about competition. I plan on researching safety issues because I want to know how to stay safe in the ring. In competition, they don't only judge on moves they judge you on how you follow the rules. So, I also want to learn all the rules of MMA during the competition. I also plan on researching the techniques of MMA and also the maneuvers so I know what I'm doing in the ring.